Rockford Rideshare Accident Lawyers

Rockford Rideshare Accident Lawyers

Rideshare is anytime someone gets a ride in a private vehicle driven by its owner for free or for a fee. Two great examples of this that you might know of are Uber and Lyft.

But what happens if you get injured while being a passenger in a rideshare? What rights do you have? Who’s going to cover your bills? Do you make a claim with the driver or with Uber or Lyft?

This is where Rideshare Accident Lawyers come in handy. We’ll help you navigate your claim or lawsuit and help you get fair financial compensation. Laws around rideshare accidents are very similar to Automotive Accidents.

If you’ve been in a Rideshare Accident and are struggling to make sense of what to do next, call us for a FREE consultation. We operate on No Fee Unless We Win.


What Should I Do If I’m in a Rideshare Accident?

You’re likely on this page because you’ve been involved in an accident. Some of these items you might have already covered. But there is still value in the step listed below. And if there is something you haven’t done you can go back and do it now, such as take images or videos and recount what happened.

Rideshare Accidents are much like car accidents. You can reference our Car Accident Checklist to a more in-depth explanation of the steps below:

  • Make Sure Your Safe
  • Attend to any Medical Needs
  • Record and Keep Records of Everything
  • Contact the Police, Your Doctor, and Your Attorney

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Call 911 for Any Injury

If you have an injury and you fail to seek medical help as soon as you can you might jeopardize your claim or lawsuit if it comes to that. If you know someone is injured in a Rideshare accident you’re partly responsible for calling 911.

If your accident is a non-emergency, you can contact the Rockford non-emergency line at 815-966-2900. For areas around Rockford, Illinois you can visit our Areas Served page to find your location.

Minor injuries can turn into big ones

By holding off seeking medical help you can endanger yourself as well as others. You can also risk your insurance claim or lawsuit being partially dismissed and the full assessment of the damage not covered. This can leave you with medical bills or a lifelong disability that you’ll have to cover yourself.

Even if you feel your injuries are MINOR, you need to get proper medical attention.

After an accident, our bodies can be in shock and hide serious injuries. This is common with head trauma or traumatic brain injuries and soft tissue injuries.

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Who is Liable in a Rideshare Accident?

You can file a claim with a rideshare company, that is if your rideshare was managed by a paid company, the driver of the car, or the other driver if the accident involved more than 1 vehicle. It’s also possible that you can file a claim with your own insurance company, but this is rare. This is where a lawyer who is familiar with rideshare accidents can help you the most. A lawyer will be able to guide you on what to do next. They will also be able to ask the right questions to get clarity on who is liable. Specifically, a Personal Injury Lawyer who works in auto accidents is important. The liability in a rideshare accident can help you determine who you should file your injury claim with. It’s important to define what rideshare means so you have a better understanding of who can be held liable.

What is a Rideshare or Ridesharing?

Rideshare or ridesharing is when a passenger arranges transportation in another vehicle driven by the owner of the vehicle. This can be both for free or for a fee, like through the popular apps Uber or Lyft.

Liability in a rideshare arrangement is partially determined by the type of rideshare:

No App or Managing Company: Ridesharing that is set up through social channels or sites like Craigslist is generally free, or there is an arranged fee with the owner. There is no “overseeing” corporation in these arrangements. So the liability is restricted to the drivers of the cars, or your own insurance if they lack insurance.

With App or Company: A rideshare that involves an app or another company to manage the pickup and transportation has an agreement to share liability in accidents. Companies like Uber or Lyft that take your money and arrange the transportation take responsibility for accidents that happen during this business transaction.

But Rideshare Accident Liability Can Get Tricky

Uber and Lyft both provide liability insurance coverage for their drivers based on their “status” at the time of the accident. This relates to whether they were logged into the ridesharing app or not.

The following are some insurance coverage rules:

  • If the driver is not active on the app when the accident occurs they’re like NOT to provide coverage, so the driver would be liable.
  • If the drive is active on the app an enroute after a job as been accepted the rideshare company will likely be liable.
  • Generally, the app has to be active at the time of the accident for the rideshare conpany to take on liability.

It’s worth getting a Rideshare lawyer involved early on in the insurance claim so they can help you understand all the ways these rules can impact your claim, or who will compensate you.

Can a Rideshare Company in Another State be Held Liable in Illinois?

Yes – Illinois has the Transportation Network Providers Act that is specific to companies that use an app or other digital networks to arrange ridesharing. This isn’t the same as a taxi or other public transportation. It’s specific to companies like Uber or Lyft.

This act defines the type of insurance and the amounts needed to satisfy the State of Illinois. This is to protect both the riders and the drivers that participate in that rideshare service.

Can I Sue Uber or Lyft For My Accident?

Yes, in Illinois, you can bring a lawsuit against Uber or Lyft if they have been associated with an accident you were in. There are some legal areas to navigate when it comes to the liability of Uber or Lyft in your accident, but it’s possible.

But we don’t recommend going straight for a lawsuit. Generally, if you were in an accident you would start a claim with their insurance company. It’s only when you feel that the amount they are offering is lower than you expected – AND – you can’t come to an agreement, do you file a lawsuit.

Rideshare Insurance Contact Info:

If at any time you feel that what they offer isn’t fair or they aren’t taking you seriously – contact our Rideshare Lawyers – at (815) 964-8303

Pedestrian Crashes Involving Uber or Lyft Drivers in Illinois

If a Lyft or Uber driver hits a pedestrian, the victim has many of the same questions as if they were another car. While pedestrians are significantly more likely to experience serious injuries in collisions involving automobiles, the pedestrian can also bear some of the blame for these collisions. In any case like this Illinois has a comparative negligence law that comes into play. It’s best to hire a lawyer for any issues where two people share the blame.

How our Rideshare Accident Lawyers Can Help?

The laws and rules around Rideshare insurance can be confusing. You might be covered under the Rideshare company if the app is active or not, you might be covered under the driver’s insurance, or there is a chance that you can use your own personal insurance if all else fails.

A lawyer who has worked with rideshare claims and lawsuits can help you understand how strong of a case you have and what a good value might be. They can help you strengthen your case, find emergency financial help, and provide professional service recommendations (like specialists or doctors).

Hire our Lawyers Familiar with Rideshare Law

If you’ve been in an accident that involved a rideshare business the legal aspect of who was at fault or who you should seek to collect financial compensation is confusing. It’s best to contact our lawyers for help. You can call us for FREE and we’ll tell you how strong of a case you have and if we can help.

We are a NO-FEE law firm. That means you don’t pay anything unless we win your case or claim. We also prepare every claim or case like it will see a jury or judge. Most cases are settled out of court. There are several lawyers that know this and won’t prepare a case for court. This means your chances of a high compensation are limited due to the lack of preparedness. Make sure your lawyer does this for you or call us and we can get started. Call us today – at (815) 964-8303

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