Rockford Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Rockford Bicycle Accident Lawyers

If you or someone you know has been injured in a bicycle accident in or around Rockford, Il – Contact our Bicycle Accident Lawyers for help, use the form on this page or call (815) 964-8303.

Hiring an injury lawyer who regularly works with bicycle accident victims can save you a ton of stress, and provide you with the guidance you need to get back up and back on the bike. And in our personal experience, working on bicycle accident claims and cases around Rockford, having a bicycle lawyer by your side gets you more financial compensation for your accident.

Our Bicycle Lawyers Help:

  • Let you know how strong your case is.
  • Guide you on what to expect next.
  • Share what we think is reasonable compensation.
  • Help you find emergency financial help.
  • Find the right medical treatment providers.
  • Negotiate your claim or case so you don’t have to.


What Should I Do if I’m in a Bicycle Accident?

We know you’re likely not reading this for fun, and have likely been in a Bicycle Accident, but what follows is still important and you might be able to strengthen your claim or case by doing what you can. If you’ve recently been in an accident write down everything you remember as soon as possible, it might also help to go back to the scene of the accident. While you’re there take images or videos of what happened.

Just like in our Checklist for Car Accidents, cyclists will want to do the same to protect themselves.

  • Make Sure Your Safe
  • Attend to any Medical Needs
  • Record and Keep Records of Everything
  • Contact the Police, Your Doctor, and Your Attorney

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Don’t Hesitate on Calling 911 for Your Injuries

Bicycle accidents, particularly when vehicles are involved, can result in serious or even fatal injuries. If you’ve been in an accident with a motorized vehicle, contact 911 as soon as possible. Or, if you are the driver of a car that has been in an accident with a cyclist, you have a responsibility to call 911 for any injury as soon as you can. Anyone who sustains significant injuries in a bicycle accident should seek medical assistance immediately.

Even if You Think Your Injuries are Minor

If you feel your injuries are minor, any delay in obtaining medical attention may jeopardize a future lawsuit or insurance claim.

Sometimes after a traumatic event, we’re in shock. There is a good chance that you might feel fine only to realize your injuries are bigger than what you thought. Adrenaline can hide fairly serious injuries.

It’s important to sit down and evaluate yourself if you can. Anything involving a head injury should be taken very seriously. Other exterior bodily injuries might not require full medical support right away, but anything questionable should have a medical professional assess.

File a Police Report

If your bicycle accident is serious enough that you have an injury or a damaged bicycle you should file a police report. If the accident is going to involve any sort of insurance claim or lawsuit having a police report can make or break your claim.

Your police report creates the most accurate report of your incident. Generally, the police report will involve statements from both parties that are relevant and fresh after the accident.

Accident Information:

  • Rockford Police Department non-emergency: 815-966-2900
  • Winnebago County Sheriffs non-emergency: 920-727-2888

Additional Information: if Your Accident Involved a Vehicle:

NEW (2018): Rockford Car Accident Procedure (You may be directed to exchange info and go to a police station to file a written report.)

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Before Talking to an Insurance Company, Talk to a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

It doesn’t happen too often anymore, but it still happens. Insurance companies can shoot out lowball offers and make it seem like they can’t do anything else. Or they ask you a series of questions and trick you into answering questions they can use against you if you go to trial.

It’s important that you consider talking to a lawyer before contacting an insurance company — even your own.

Insurance companies are in business to make money and they can find ways to pay out as little as possible. This can even be the case with your own insurance company if you have to file a claim for Uninsured Motorist or Underinsured Motorist

A lawyer that is familiar with insurance avoidance tactics can help you understand what your insurance claim is worth and what to look out for. Just having a lawyer available can get you fair compensation. And if you do get undervalued by the insurance companies a simple letter from our office can usually get the real value of your claim.

Contact us for insurance claim help at (815) 964-8303

Bicycle Accidents Involving Severe Injuries

Cycling accidents that are severe is where having a bicycle attorney can help out the most. Severe injuries are going to involve several medical professionals and months to years to treat, or potentially for life.

Many cyclists suffer injuries to their lower limbs. We frequently see abrasions, lacerations, contusions, fractures, and strains. Some of the more severe injuries that occur in cyclist crashes impact the victim’s head. Head injuries can lead to long-term disabilities and brain damage. Injuries to the head also cause the majority of cyclist-related fatalities. Some common forms of traumatic injuries include concussions, contusions, cranial hemorrhages, and skull fractures.

Head injuries can also lead to Traumatic Brain Injuries — read more about Accidents that Cause Traumatic Brain Injuries to learn more about what it is, what to look out for, and what to do if you suspect one.

Don’t mess around with a head injury. Get checked out for anything that impacts your head.

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Responsibility in Bicycle Accidents (Never Admit Fault)

It could be that your accident was in part your fault, but don’t be so quick to admit fault. There are many variables in accidents and it happens so fast that you might think you did something wrong. If you admit fault before analyzing the entire scenario you can jeopardize your case.

Crash victims have the legal right to collect compensation from another individual who caused them harm. To hold a driver liable, the victim must indicate that the person operating the vehicle was negligent. A driver who behaves negligently is one who fails to use the level of caution that a reasonable driver would use in the same set of circumstances.

Even if you think that you might have made a mistake on your bicycle the other person may have been speeding, under the influence, or distracted. This can easily factor into your claim or case.

But if you did share some of the blame, Illinois has laws that factor into your compensation – it’s called Comparative Negligence.

Comparative Negligence in a Bike Crash

Not every bike accident will be a simple clear-cut claim. Sometimes a cyclist is a part of why the accident occurred. And when this happens there are laws that govern how compensation is handled.

In Illinois, the courts practice a form of comparative negligence. Unlike a minority of states that practice pure contributory negligence, a victim of a crash will be able to collect compensation even if their actions contributed in part to the cause of the collision.

For Example: If a crash victim is more than 50 percent responsible for their injuries, this will prevent the victim from recovering damages. However, assume that the driver involved in the cyclist crash with 60 percent at fault. In that case, the injured cyclist will recover 60 percent of his or her damages, and the 40 percent reduction in damages will acknowledge that cyclists own careless behavior.

Don’t Hesitate to Contact an Attorney for Your Bike Accident

The injuries caused and crashes between cars and bicycles can lead to life-changing consequences. Victims may suffer from permanent head injuries or physical ailments that make it difficult for them to live their life as they did before the accident.

When a negligent person causes serious harm to another individual, the law helps the victim of that accident recover. Following a cyclist crash, the available damages are an important way for the victim and their family to move on.

Hire Rockford Personal Injury Lawyers

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