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If you have suffered broken bones as the result of another’s actions, you may be able to pursue compensation to help you recover from your injuries. Reach out to Rockford, Illinois personal injury lawyer Paul M. Marriett today to learn more about this process and to discuss the details of your case. We are proud to offer free consultations, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Some Common Causes of Broken Bone Injuries

The human body is remarkably tough and durable, but it can only take so much. There are various ways that bones can be broken, including events that will lead to far more injuries than just the fractures you suffer. Broken bone accidents take on many forms, such as:

Car and Motor Vehicle Accidents – this is certainly a big one, as the forces involved in a car accident will frequently lead to broken bones along with other injuries. Since cars don’t crash unless something goes wrong on the road, there is nearly always a negligent party to pursue in this situation. And, given the severity of many car accident injuries, these types of cases will often lead to significant verdicts or settlements.

Slip and Falls – when falling to the ground, it’s a natural human reaction to put out your arms to brace for a fall. Unfortunately, this puts the wrist in danger, and a fracture in the wrist or forearm is a common outcome. When another party has been negligent to put you in a position to be at risk for a slip and fall accident, they should be held responsible and made to compensate you for the damage.

Work Injuries – certain jobs will place workers in dangerous positions where a fall, pinch, or crush injury can occur.

**The list above could go on and on, but this is a good starting point to help you understand the various ways bones can be broken and how others may be responsible for your injuries.

Potential Health Complications

If you are fortunate, your broken bone event will result in a clean break, with no damage to the surrounding area, and you’ll be back to full health as soon as the fracture has had time to heal. That will happen sometimes, but certainly not all the time, as other related injuries can result after bones have been broken. Some of what you may have to deal with includes:

Internal injuries if bones are badly broken and driven into the body, such as can happen in a crushing accident or a fall. Broken ribs are particularly dangerous in this regard, so be sure to seek proper medical care if a rib injury is suspected. We’ve dealt with numerous fractured rib and sternum based cases in our personal injury practice including lung perforations, and fractured sternums associated with car and motorcycle crashes. While many of these injuries will heal naturally, significant cases such as a lung protrusion or compound fracture may require an extremely lengthy, painful, and expensive process known as a rib plating procedure. We’re adept at the science and medicine behind these operations and can seek top dollar recoveries for anyone facing this kind of an injury.

Reduced mobility in the area of the break – for example, a broken leg could result in a long-term limp, reduced ability to use the leg properly, and other complications that arise from walking with an altered gait. We’ve had experience in prior cases with significant fractures and related trauma to the point where we’ve discussed matters with treating doctors and physicians that include growth plate procedures, and experimental bone lengthening procedures that have been used to help our client(s) recover physically from an injury. These cases can be extremely complicated and become even more complicated the more violent the fracture is. Consider the issues of a common yet devastating injury like a spiral fracture where a fracture occurs as the bone is twisting. These procedures not only cause tremendous pain, and a lengthy recovery process but typically drag into play the surrounding musculature and nerves, as well as the connective tissues and joints which often leads to future problems with mobility including sensitivity to temperatures, atmospheric pressures, and early onset of arthritis conditions that can impact someone’s life many years if not many decades into the future.

Dangerous infections can result when there is an open wound along with a bone break. Again here, proper medical care is necessary to reduce the chances of an infection, and to deal with an infection if one does arise.

A broken bone can heal fully in just a few weeks, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be out of the woods. Remember to consider the associated health impacts of a broken bone when trying to decide if you need to take legal action to secure the damages you deserve in this case.

Who is to Blame?

It’s always important to pursue the right party for damages when you are hurt in an accident. In some cases, that will mean filing a suit against a single party – in other cases, you might need to include multiple parties in the suit to account for everyone who played a role in your broken bone injuries.

For example, if you broke a bone on the property of a business when visiting as a customer, you might think to first target the business with your suit. That’s one possibility, but it also could be that a contractor who did work on the property was negligent and created a dangerous situation. Or maybe another customer was acting negligently and placed you in danger. Only by thoroughly reviewing the situation with the help of a personal injury lawyer will you be able to consider all possibilities and determine the right path.

Beware of a Quick Settlement Offer

It might seem like a blessing to receive a quick offer from an insurance company to settle your case and receive a payment. With all that has been going on after your accident and injury, getting an offer to provide you with a check might feel like the positive news you’ve been hoping to receive.

Don’t fall into this trap. The insurance company and the party they represent aren’t being nice or considerate of your situation. They are trying to take advantage of you by settling the case for far less than it is truly worth. These people are experienced with this type of situation, and they’ll use their knowledge to their advantage over people who are going through it for the first time. You need to level the playing field by getting representation on your side that knows what the case is worth and will fight for your rights.

Contact A Rockford Broken Bone Injury Lawyer

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that once your broken bones have healed, life will be immediately back to normal. You could deal with ongoing health issues from this incident that impact your life for many years to come in a variety of ways. The Law Office of Paul M. Marriett would be happy to speak with you in a free consultation to learn more about your situation and help you understand the types of compensation that may be available. Reach out today to a Rockford personal injury attorney to learn more, you can call or text message us 24/7/365 at 815-391-0089, reach us securely through our home page, or email Paul directly at for assistance.

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