Take Special Care With Back Injuries

Back Injury Accidents That Could Have Been Avoided

Back injuries are a common type of injury we work with.

Most of the back injuries our clients deal with have happened in auto accidentspremises liability, and work-related accidents.

When your back gets injured in an accident that was caused by someone else you shouldn’t be left holding the bill on your own.

But before you accept the first offer from the insurance company, make sure you get your back checked out by a medical professional. Often times back injuries aren’t easily healed. And if you didn’t plan for a long recovery time you could end up paying more in medical bills or missing work.

If you’re getting pressured to complete a claim to an insurance company but don’t feel comfortable that your injury is getting assessed properly it’s time to hire a lawyer. For any questions about a back injury claim or lawsuit, please call or text.

If you feel your injury was preventable or the result of someone’s negligence contact our law office. Our lawyers routinely work on back injury insurance claims and lawsuits.

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Other Types of Injuries and Accidents We Work

Back Injury Accidents and Repetitive Strain (Common in Workplace Related Claims)

The nature of back injuries can range from pain caused by repetitive strain to pain from being jarred in an accident.

Back injuries caused by an accident that was caused by someone else generally fall under personal injury law. This is where you can hold the responsible party accountable for your injury. By holding the person accountable you can make sure that you and your family are protected from any financial issue that might arise.

If your back injury isn’t caused by a direct accident but develops over time, it can be due to repetitive strain. This often happens in a workplace setting where the employer didn’t take reasonable proper precautions to ensure your wellbeing. This can be similar to personal injury but can also fall under workers’ compensation.

There are different limitations to each type of back injury. To get clarification on if you have a case or not you should talk to an attorney who practices law in personal injury, car accidents, and workers’ compensation. Or you can contact us here – Do I have a case?

Back Injury Insurance Claims – Don’t Settle Too Fast

Chiropractic care, outpatient operations, and invasive surgeries related to back injuries are all options that our clients have undergone as a result of their injuries.

Many times your accident and all the cost related to the accident can be covered by an insurance claim.

While these injuries can be some of the most debilitating any of our clients face, we have the experience to relay our client’s story to an insurance provider or a jury in order to recover from what a client has had to go through.

But when you and the insurance company don’t agree on the financial amount that’s needed your claim can be filed as a lawsuit. An attorney who works with back injury cases can help you determine what is fair and reasonable for a financial recovery option. If you have any questions please call.

Contact Personal Injury Lawyers

If you are facing nerve pain from an injury you can always contact our office to discuss what options you have towards initiating a claim or lawsuit to have us fight for your recovery. For an honest, free, and compassionate consultation call or text us confidentially at (815) 964-8303.

Remember our service is absolutely at no cost to you unless we earn a recovery on your behalf. Let Personal Injury Lawyers help you or your loved one navigate the legal side of your case and fight for your financial recovery, while you focus on your physical recovery.

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