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Published January 12, 2022

Our attorneys are experienced in birth defects, birth injuries, wrongful birth claims, and lawsuits.

Injuries at birth can be under personal injury, malpractice claim, and cross over into other areas of personal injury law

If you’ve experienced complications at birth that you feel could have been prevented, please contact us.

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Published October 11, 2021

Bodily Injury Insurance covers medical bills, lost wages and even legal fees after an accident. But is it enough? And when should you get a lawyer?

After a car accident the part of insurance that is responsible for paying emergency services, hospital care, future medical expenses, lost wages and even legal bills, is called bodily injury coverage.

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Published September 2, 2021

Get financial recovery from your own insurance company in a hit-and-run accident. If you’ve been involved in a hit and run accident that left you with medical bills, or lost wages due to missing work - contact our law office. 

We’re very familiar with pedestrian accidents and working with insurance companies, even if the person at fault cannot be found.

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Published September 1, 2021

If you have been injured or know someone who has been killed in a Pedestrian Accident contact our Personal Injury Lawyers. Use the form on this page or call [phone_link].

Often pedestrians seek financial recovery from the insurance company of the driver that hit them.