Accidents and Broken Bones

Can I Sue For a Broken Bone?

Yes, you can.

Any accident that resulted in an injury and was caused by the neglect or recklessness of someone else falls under Personal Injury Law. A broken bone can result in high medical bills, lost wages from work, and pain and suffering. All of these can be considered in a broken bone claim or lawsuit.

When Should I get a Lawyer for a Broken Bone?

  • When your broken bone might cause lasting issues.
  • When the insurance claim doesn’t cover everything.
  • When you feel rushed to file a claim.
  • If you’re having financial troubles after an accident.

Having lawyers that understand how your life has changed, what your treatment consisted of, and the losses you’ve experienced can help with your claim or lawsuit.

Our lawyers can articulate your struggles with your broken bones to insurance adjusters. This helps make your claim easier to resolve as well as reduces the chances of an adjuster looking to reduce the amount of the claim.

If your case does proceed to a trial, your lawyers will be able to have detailed and thorough conversations with expert witnesses and treatment providers. These testimonials can be pivotal for the outcome of your case.

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The Potential High Cost of Broken Bones

In auto accident and premises liability cases, it is not uncommon for our client to suffer fractured or broken bones. This could be from an airbag deployment, an unexpected fall, or any number of events that can hurt the human body.

We work with cases from broken sternums, broken femurs, skull fractures with brain bleeds, and a number of other cases involving broken or fractured bones.

These cases nearly always require significant medical imaging. And expensive medical diagnoses to properly identify issues and develop proper treatments.

Broken Bones and Long-Term Issues

For instance, if a child has a broken bone or fracture around the growth plate, the injury can cause long-term, permanent problems for the child. This can require hours of doctor visits and high medical bills that need to be considered in the claim or lawsuit.

Likewise, in some cases involving crushed bones, or bones with significant fractures the client may be left with long-term, permanent disfigurement or disability. This can mean unequal appendage lengths (one leg significantly shorter or longer than the other), or impact someone’s confidence if their face is permanently changed from a facial fracture. We’ve worked with bone growth stimulation companies to treat our clients on a protected lien as well, one being Bioventus that helped ensure that our client’s broken bone was able to heal as close to normal as possible.

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