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At Rockford Personal Injury Lawyers: Marriett & Murati, you can get help from a skilled personal injury attorney in Rockford, Illinois who will protect your rights when you or a loved one are hurt or killed in a car accident. We protect individuals who have suffered injuries in accidents like these listed below:

  • Crashes involving commercial vehicles (semi’s, delivery trucks, etc);
  • Crashes involving uninsured or under-insured drivers;
  • Crashes involving distracted or careless drivers of a passenger vehicle;
  • Crashes involving Inattentive truck drivers;
  • Crashes involving disobeyed traffic control devices (stop lights/stop signs);
  • Crashes involving commercial vehicles with unsecured, or improperly loaded cargo, or other equipment or trucking violations that caused a motor vehicle accident;
  • Crashes involving buses, vans, cabs, shuttles, or various other public transportation, and;
  • Crashes involving drunk or impaired (high) drivers.

The most common type of personal injury claims involves a motor vehicle accident. That is not surprising since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that a traffic accident occurs in the United States every ten seconds — and the rate of auto accidents in Rockford is no exception. Accidents can happen in only a few short moments but can have long-lasting effects on you or a loved one’s life. When it comes to car, truck, van, bus, semi, and delivery truck related accidents we have dealt with them all. For an honest, free, no obligation review of your case, and your rights, please call or text message the Rockford Personal Injury Lawyers: Marriett & Murati 24/7/365 at (815) 315-4967. Below you will find some commonly asked questions we have come across while meeting with our clients that you likely have questions about as well.

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At the offices of Rockford Personal Injury Lawyers: Marriett & Murati, we understand those car accidents victims may have questions about their legal rights following a motor vehicle accident. We are committed to helping injured drivers, passengers, and pedestrians understand these rights and how they may be able to obtain compensation to cover damages such as medical bills and lost wages. Depending on the details of your crash, you may be able to seek compensation through insurance claims or a lawsuit against a negligent driver and his/her insurance provider.

For a free consultation to discuss your Rockford car accident case, call, or text message 24/7/365 the Rockford Personal Injury Lawyers: Marriett & Murati at (815) 315-4967.