Attorney Roberto Acevedo

Roberto Acevedo, Rockford Area Personal Injury Attorney

Roberto Acevedo

Roberto Acevedo was born in Waukegan, Illinois, and raised in Carpentersville (a northwest suburb of Chicago). He is the fourth of five children. His mother, Guadalupe Acevedo, was a single parent. There is no doubt in Roberto’s mind that his mother is the strongest and most responsible human he will ever know. She worked two (2) full-time jobs, 88 hours/week, for over 10 years to put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads. Roberto am saddened, and it breaks my heart, to say that his queen passed away on September 7, 2022, at the age of 74, to be with our Lord. His mother taught him life lessons, including, working hard for what you want, persevering to overcome obstacles, and staying determined even at our weakest moment.

She also taught us to care for others, respect authority, and more importantly, to fear and trust in God. Roberto is beyond honored to be her son. She is his hero. “Thank you, mom, for everything. I love you and will see you again one day.”

Roberto has been married to Michelle for over 20 years. She is his best friend and love of his life. They have two daughters who play volleyball in school and for clubs. Their lives revolve around their daughters and their volleyball schedules. They would not have it any other way.

“Representing people injured due to someone’s negligence is a job I take very seriously. It is my job to find the truth and tell my clients’ stories. I become their voice.”


Credible Court Room Experience That Counts

Roberto has about 30 cases that have gone to jury verdict. His last two jury trials that went to verdict were at the Daley Center in Chicago, in December 2021 and February 2022, respectively. They were both medical malpractice cases with each trial lasting two-to-three weeks. In addition, Roberto has argued 100s of motion before judges and given oral arguments at the 2nd District Appellate Court and Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission Appeals Court.

In 2005, during his last year of law school, Roberto worked as a 711 (intern) for the Kane County State’s Attorney Office. He was placed in the Abuse and Neglect division. His job was to protect one of the most vulnerable groups in our society – our children. Day after day, he witnessed “parents” lose their parental rights due to the abuse and/or neglect they inflicted on children. The job was heartbreaking, upsetting, and disappointing on many levels. However, the best part of the job was seeing children be adopted by loving human beings.

Since leaving the State’s Attorney, Roberto has focused my time and efforts on representing members from our community who are injured due to someone’s negligent acts. What separates him from most attorneys is that he gets to know my client on a deeper level. He wants to know about human being. Who they are. What they care about. What interests they have. And, more importantly, how the injuries have impacted their life. As a result of this approach, Roberto has built long-lasting relationships with clients that extend beyond their cases.

Roberto is involved at every stage of the litigation, from drafting the complaint to jury trial. An important part of any litigation is called discovery. As the word implies, this is the time in the case where attorneys get to discover the facts of the case. What happened and why did it happen? He has learned that his stage is critical to uncovering the truth. Roberto handles discovery myself. He recreates what occurred with my client. At trial, and during the entire litigation process, he is his client’s voice — and he takes this very seriously. Therefore, it is vital that Roberto understands and know their story. Each client is unique. Each story is special.