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Adrian Murati – Rockford Personal Injury Attorney

Adrian Murati - Rockford Personal Injury Lawyers: Marriett and Murati

Adrian Murati is a partner and trial attorney at Marriett Murati, a Rockford personal injury law firm that concentrates on car accidents, premise liability cases, and workers’ compensation. Adrian has helped recover millions of dollars in compensation for individuals injured in accidents throughout northern Illinois. 

Adrian graduated from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale in 2012, and received his law degree from Chicago-Kent College of Law. Adrian has worked in the field of personal injury since 2013. He began his career working as a law clerk in a Chicago personal injury law firm. After working in Chicago for 2 years, Adrian returned to his hometown of Rockford in 2015 and started representing injured victims in the Rockford area.

Soon after his return to Rockford, Adrian met his law partner, Paul Marriett, and they began to work together on personal injury cases. Paul and Adrian share the same passion for helping people through the difficult personal injury process and pursuing justice on their behalf. 

Adrian has secured case victories in multiple counties across Illinois including Winnebago County, Cook County, Lake County, and Ogle County. He also has experience with appeals and has successfully defended a trial victory on appeal. In addition to his victories in arbitrations and trials throughout northern Illinois, Adrian has negotiated numerous settlements on behalf of his clients.

Prior to focusing exclusively on personal injury cases, Adrian also practiced in the area of commercial litigation where he represented a range of corporate clients from local small business owners to multimillion-dollar companies. While working in commercial law, Adrian gained experience in diverse fields ranging from date breach litigation to aviation litigation. Adrian utilizes the courtroom experience that he gained from representing corporate clients to assist his personal injury clients to recover maximum compensation for their injuries. 

While I can’t take away the pain and suffering you’ve endured, I can help you hold the negligent party responsible.

Adrian Murati

At The Rockford Personal Injury Lawyers: Marriett & Murati, Paul and Adrian have worked alongside each other to help injured victims in a variety of cases ranging from relatively minor fender benders to catastrophic accidents and even wrongful death cases. Adrian considers himself a down-to-earth guy who sincerely cares about the wellbeing of his clients and wants to help them move past the difficult aftermath of suffering an injury. 

Outside of work, Adrian spends most of his time with his wife and young son. He is from an Albanian family that came to the United States from Macedonia a few years before he was born in Rockford, Illinois. He is fully fluent in Spanish and Albanian. 

If you or a loved one have been recently injured in an accident, call Adrian at (815) 315-4967 to speak to a Rockford Personal Injury Lawyer about your injury case. The phone call is free but the peace-of-mind of having your questions answered is priceless.